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AK Akemi Kakihara & Bognylii Kids, Ghana, Africa

In December 2013, AK wrote a song entitled MY DREAM for the children of Bognayili, a small village in northern Ghana. The message of the song was "Our dreams will come true."

2013年12月、AKはアフリカのガーナ北部にある小さな村、ボナイリの子供達のために、”いつか夢はかなう”というメッセージを込めて、MY DREAMという曲を作りました。

Now this song is connecting children all over the world and making them smile – not only the children of Bognayili, who originally inspired the song, but also the children in the Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen, a bilingual preschool in Connecticut, USA, and in the Minato Preschool in Fukushima, Japan. And now this project is reaching even more countries, such as France and Cambodia. But how did all this happen?

それ以来、この歌は世界中の多くの子供達を繋ぎ、たくさんの笑顔が生まれています。歌のきっかけとなったボナイリの子供達をはじめ、アメリカ、コネチカットのグリニッジ国際学園の子供達、日本の福島県相馬市にある、みなと保育園の子供達が参加の他、現在はさらに他の参加国も増え、フランス、そしてカンボジアでもMY DREAMソングプロジェクトはスタートしています。それらはどんな風に始まり繋がっていったのでしょうか?

This is the story of the MY DREAM Song Project, one of AK's volunteer philanthropic activities, and how a children's song is sending a message of hope around the world.

これはAKの社会貢献ボランティア活動のひとつでもあるMY DREAMソングプロジェクト。世界の子供達に夢と希望と喜びを運ぶプロジェクトのお話です。

MY DREAM School, Bognayili, Ghana, Africa

MY DREAM School, Bognayili, Ghana, Africa

Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen, Connecticut, USA

Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen, Connecticut, USA

Minato Preschool, Soma, Fukushima, Japan

Minato Preschool, Soma, Fukushima, Japan

This project started with a very simple idea, a desire to provide some joy to children living in a difficult environment in rural Africa. But in a way, it started even before AK wrote the song. It started with the Great East Japan Earthquake.

はじまりは、とてもシンプル。アフリカの困難な生活をしている子供達に小さな喜びを届けるために生まれたアイディアです。でも実はこの歌が生まれる前からすでに始まっていたとも言えます。 それは東日本大震災がきっかけでした。

On March 11, 2011, the worst earthquake and tsunami in Japanese history struck Tohoku, the northern part of Japan's largest island. After the disaster, AK made several trips to the most stricken areas, giving over 20 free children's concerts to raise morale. But she wanted to do even more. In January 2013 she launched the I FOR DREAM project, which encourages children around the world to achieve their dreams and goals.

2011年3月11日 、日本観測史上最大の東日本大震災が発生し、東北地方に壊滅的な被害をもたらしました。 震災以降、AKは東北の壊滅的な被災地を何度も訪問し、ボランティアとして子供コンサートを20回以上行いました。子供との触れ合いを続ける中 で、もっと子供達を支援したいという気持ちが芽生えたAK。2013年にI FOR DREAMというプロジェクトを立ち上げ、世界中の子供達の夢とモチベーションを育てる支援をはじめます。

Shortly thereafter, AK met Yukari Hara, who works with children in Africa, and shares AK's passion for helping children reach their dreams.


Yukari Hara on the left / Founder & Executive Director MY DREAM. org

Yukari had spent three months in Bognayili, a small rural village in northern Ghana, as an intern with a local NGO. The village was poor, but the people were extraordinarily kind to her. So in August 2012, to reciprocate their kindness, Yukari built the first preschool in Bognayili. She named the school "MY DREAM."

原さんは、アフリカ、ガーナの北部の小さな村ボナイリの現地NGOでインターンを3ヶ月し、村からとても親切にしていただいたお礼に、子供達のために2012年8月にボナイリ村に幼稚園を作られました。この素朴な村には発展したものはなにもなく、子供達の幼稚園もない場所でした。その幼稚園を原さんは"MY DREAM"と名付けます。

MY DREAM School, Bognayili, Ghana, Africa

MY DREAM School, Bognayili, Ghana, Africa

From 2013 to 2015, Yukari served as First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Accra, Ghana. Throughout this period she traveled to Bognayili on weekends and continued her volunteer work there, helping the people improve the village environment for their children. Yukari also established the MY DREAM Organization and continues to support the people of Bognayili as they work toward a better future.
MY DREAM.org: mydreambridgethegap.webs.com

2013年から2015年にかけて、原さんはガーナの領事館で勤務されている間、週末にボランティアでボナイリに通いながら村の人達と交流を重ねMY DREAMスクールを通して子供達の支援をされました。その後MY DREAM Organizationを立ち上げ、現在は子供達だけでなく、ボナイリ村の生活環境向上のための支援をされています。
MY DREAM.org: mydreambridgethegap.webs.com

One day Yukari asked AK to write a special song for the children in the MY DREAM preschool. AK enthusiastically agreed and wrote MY DREAM, a song with the message that “One day our dreams will come true."

ある日、原さんから AKに”ボナイリのMY DREAMスクールの子供達のために、テーマ曲を作っていただけないか”というお願いがありました。AKのお返事はもちろんYES!そしてAKが書き下ろ しでできあがった曲が、“夢はかなう”というメッセージが込められたMY DREAMソングです。

In December 2013, AK recorded the MY DREAM song and sent it to the children of Bognayili as a Christmas gift. The children loved it and, despite not understanding the English words, began singing it right way. The village headman was so impressed that he wrote to AK saying, “Our village needed a message like this.”

2013年12月、AKはできたてのMY DREAMソング、AKの歌うバージョンをクリスマスギフトとしてボナイリの子供達にプレゼントしました。子供達はとても喜んで、英語をほとんど知らなくてもすぐに歌い始めました。ボナイリの村長さんもとても感動してくださり、”村にはこういうメッセージが必要です”とAKにメッセージを送られました。

This gave AK an idea. What if children around the world could be connected through this song and its message? What if children everywhere believed that “one day our dreams will come true”?


In early 2014 AK started the MY DREAM Song Project, reaching out to other schools to support this message.

こうして2014年AKのMY DREAMソングプロジェクトがスタートします。

Thanks to the project's New York supporters, including AK's friend, pianist Gohei Nishikawa, she immediately received a commitment to participate from Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen, a bilingual preschool in Connecticut. The preschoolers started their singing practice immediately, and finally made their very first recording so that they could send their voices with the dream message to the children of Bognayili as a gift. The kids also sang the song beautifully at their graduation ceremony.

共感して参加してくれる学校に声をかけはじめ、最初にAKの友人でピ アニストの西川悟平さんが協力され、幸運にもすぐにニューヨークからも近いコネチカットのグリニッジ国際学園が共感し参加が決定します。練習がすぐにはじ まり、子供達はボナイリの子供達に歌声を届けるために一生懸命練習し、初体験となるレコーディングにも挑戦し完成。 卒園式での発表会でも最高の歌声を聴かせてくれました。

AK with Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen Kids

Piano by Gohei Nishikawa: http://gohei.info/

MY DREAM song performance at Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen graduation day!

In November 2014, AK wrote the Japanese version of the lyrics.  The Minato Preschool in Tohoku then decided to join the project.

続けて2014年11月に、AKはMY DREAMの日本語バージョンを作り、 AKが子供コンサートを何度もしてきた、福島県相馬市の、みなと保育園も参加が決定します。

AK visited the preschool and told the kids about the children in Bognayili. When AK told the preschoolers that their singing voices would reach Africa, their faces glowed. After practicing, the kids gave a recital and sang the song spectacularly. They also drew pictures for the children in Bognayili.


AK with Minato Preschool Kids

La La La...

MY DREAM song Minato Preschool performance day!

In May 2015, AK visited Bognayili for the first time.

そして2015年5月、ついにAKはMY DREAMソングの歌のきっかけとなったボナイリを訪問します。

It was also her first trip to Africa. The village was still poor, but it was a peaceful and wonderful place surrounded by the richness of nature.


Bognayili, Ghana, Africa

AK with Bognayili Kids

The Bognayili kids had never had any musical education before. On top of that,  singing in English was a challenge for them. They had to start with the basics, Do Re Me. But after plenty of practice, they finally mastered the song!

これまで音楽を習ったことのない子供達。英語も初挑戦なので、 練習はドレミからスタートです。 一生懸命歌い、練習を何度もして、ついにボナイリの子供達のバージョンもできがありました!

4.26.15 31.jpg

The kids then performed the song for their parents and everyone else in the village. They sang beautifully and their audience applauded warmly.


AK gave the kids in Bognayili the messages from the students of Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen and the drawings from the students of Minato Preschool. The kids were overjoyed.


The voices singing "Our dream will come true" have connected children around the world, and the happiness is spreading beyond the boundaries of language, environment, and nationality.


And the MY DREAM Song Project has just begun. AK is now working on the French and Cambodian versions. Through this song, she plans to continue connecting children all over the world and supporting their dreams.

AKのMY DREAMソングプロジェクトははじまったばかり。

Special thanks to Yukari Hara / Founder & Executive Director of MY DREAM.org
MY DREAM.org: mydreambridgethegap.webs.com

MY DREAM Song Videos

AK - MY DREAM - Making Video Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen Children

AK - MY DREAM - Making VideO
MY DREAM School Bognayili, Ghana, Africa

JoiN AK's MY DREAM song project

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Melody, Lyrics & PRODUCED by AK

When your heart is in your dreams, believe in yourself
Anything is possible, no matter how far it may seem

Fly free like a bird in the big blue sky
Just keep on trying, one day our dreams will come true

My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true
My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true

There are good times and bad times, don’t give up on your dreams
Let hope shine on your way, no matter how hard it may seem

Remember you have friends to share everything with
Just keep on trying, one day our dreams will come true

My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true
My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true

La La La…

My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true
My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true

My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true
My dreams, your dreams One day our dreams will come true

Our dreams will come true


MY DREAM - Japanese Version

願いごとや 夢があるとき
じぶん信じて なんでもできると

青い空を 飛ぶ鳥のように
自由に高く 飛び続けよう

My Dreams Your Dreams One day our dreams will come true
いつの日か 夢はかなうよ

どんなときでも あきらめないで
希望の光 こころ照らすよ

忘れないで 友達がいる
一緒に前に 歩き続けよう

My Dreams Your Dreams One day our dreams will come true
いつの日か 夢はかなうよ


My Dreams Your Dreams One day our dreams will come true
いつの日か 夢はかなうよ

My Dreams Your Dreams One day our dreams will come true
いつの日か 夢はかなうよ


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Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen Children, Connecticut, USA

Piano by Gohei Nishikawa, Photo by Romi Uchikawa

Special Thanks to Goehi Nishikawa and Greenwich Kokusai Gakuen, Connecticut, USA


Special Thanks to Minato Preschool, Soma, Fukushima, Japan

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